A+++ So grateful to have a trusted spot to take care of my car. You guys rock! :)


I love this place. I trust they're work and judgement. It's also so cool that Bonnie has owned this business for at least 30 years. Yesterday when I took my 2002 Eurovan in, she called me several times updating me on options and costs. I felt very well taken care of.

Rosamond, communication is the key! Thank you for such a great review.Vanguard Automotive Repair

I don't ever leave car service appointments feeling good, but Vanguard changed that. Everything was easy - booking the appointment, day of the appointment, open communication, and doughnut Friday! Plus, my car was fixed in a timely manner! Excellent customer service. I will be a regular customer here.

Kathi, it was a pleasure meeting you. Welcome to San Rafael. Look forward to helping you in the future.Vanguard Automotive Repair

Always great service and value at Vanguard! Thanks Bonnie, Pierre and Matt.

Love your new Mazda John. I think this is your 3rd car you have brought to us? Thank you for the review.Vanguard Automotive Repair

Very honest, informed, affordable and easy to communicate with--really, what more could you ask for? My advice, stay away from Sonnen service and come here. (BTW, I never write reviews, but it was just such a pleasant experience.

So happy to help you Lawrence with a second opinion. Thank you for your business.Vanguard Automotive Repair

Great service all around! I had my car towed over night and dropped the key in the slot with a note. I came back when they opened the next day and they already had my car done with its inspection. After figuring out what the problem could be they suggested I take it to the dealership, plus she wouldn't charge me for the scan. I will absolutely be coming back here for service in the future!

Travis at Vanguard we always give you the straight information about repairs. Thank you for your trust and look forward to seeing you in the future.Vanguard Automotive Repair

Fast, courteous, professional! in one word: awesome!

We love you too, Carola! Vanguard Automotive Repair

Called Bonnie yesterday afternoon, hoping that Vanguard could perform needed services today. Bonnie made it work! The entire team was courteous and professional. My short list of shops to consider is now just 1!

Thank you Jeff! It was our pleasure taking care of you BMW today. Vanguard Automotive Repair

Bonnie and her crew have been taking care of my VW Jetta since I purchased it four years ago. I can't say enough about their professionalism, skill,, good humor and generosity. I trust Vanguard with my car and my safety. I recommend them wholeheartedly! Many thanks Bonnie!


love Bonnie and crew! always do great work!!

Thanks Diane for such a nice review, your family here at Vanguard.Vanguard Automotive Repair